We appreciate that not everyone wants English tuition in order to sit an exam, so we have devised a number of courses aimed at helping you use your English in real-life contexts, in group situations, and to have fun.

If you are interested in simply improving your English, we will carry out a detailed assessment using guidelines from the English National Curriculum and devise a bespoke programme to suit your needs and interests.

1.  Chat Club is a short programme of conversation classes in small groups or one-to-one with the tutor.  This course is ideal for preparation for conventions and conferences, or for developing your social skills in English.

2.  English in the Media uses materials and guidelines from the AQA GCSE Media Studies course, popular in the UK.  We will help you study the theory and practice of English use in the UK and US media.  You will be taught to investigate and evaluate existing media (magazines and newspapers, advertising, the internet, radio and television), and to apply these skills to produce your own media products.  Access to a computer is required to get the most out of this course.

3.  Creative English is a course in expressive and creative writing and speaking in English.  Depending on your personal interest, you can be taught to read and write poetry and prose in English, study and produce works of fiction, and write and perform playscripts.  Students may work in a small groups or one-to-one with the tutor.

These courses are designed for enjoyment as well as to develop your skills and confidence using English.  We recommend you start by booking 5 classes of 2 hours each (a total of 10 hours per course) and extend your booking or change courses depending on personal taste.

Fun and Improvement


Curs: Distractiv si Perfectionare

Pentru: Recomandat tuturor varstelor

Durata Recomandata: 10 ore

Pret: 60 RON pe ora

Distractiv si Perfectionare

Meditatii engleza in Bucuresti cu Profesori Nativi


Course: Fun and Improvement

Recommended Age: Suitable for all ages

Suggested Duration: 10 hours

Average Cost: 60 RON per hour

Este usor de inteles ca nu toti cei care vor sa invete limba engleza o fac pentru a sustine un examen.  In acest scop am alcatuit o varietate de cursuri care sa vina in sprijinul celor ce doresc sa invete limba engleza pentru conversatia de zi cu zi (contexte reale, de grup sau individuale) imbinand utilul cu placutull. 

Daca doriti doar imbunatirea nivelului de engleza la care deja va aflati, in urma testarii dumneavoastra, vom crea programme personalizate care sa raspunda nevoilor dumneavoastra.

1.  Chat Club este un curs de scurta durata care incurajeaza conversatiile in limba engleza in grupuri mici sau individuale cu profesorii.

2.  English in the Media este un curs care apeleaza la materialele si resursele folosite in cursurile foarte populare de mass-media din liceele si universitatile din Marea Britanie.  Acesta va vor ajuta sa studiati elementele de teorie si practica a limbii engleze din mass-media din Marea Britanie si Statele Unite ale Americii. 

3.  Creative English este un curs care ajuta dezvoltarea creativitatii si expresivitatii in vorbirea si scrierea in limba engleza.  In functie de preferintele dumneavoastra personale, puteti invata sa cititi si sa scrieti poezie si proza in limba engleza, studiind si creand lucrari de fictiune, creand si interpretand piese de teatru.  Studentii pot lucra in grupuri mici sau in sedinte individuale cu profesorii.

Aceste cursuri sunt distractive dar au menirea de a va dezvolta aptitudinile si increderea in abilitatea dumneavoastra de a folosi limba engleza.  Recomandam pentru aceasta rezervarea a cinci sedinte de cate doua ore fiecare (un total de 10 ore pentru un curs) si apoi continuarea acestora sau alegerea altor cursuri oferite de noi in functie de preferintele si cerintele dumneavoastra.